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We place the main emphasis on personal contact with clients, for whom we try to bring the best service into their work with complete coverage of their requirements beyond their expectations.

We are exclusive partners for most of the high-quality brands in the hairdressing industry. With us, you can choose only the best from the best. See for yourself when choosing our brands. Read about us.


Školenie Orava Hair Days 2022

V dňoch 3. – 4. apríla 2022 sme si spolu s viac ako stovkou...

Stali sme sa exkluzívnym partnerom značky Ceriotti

Po naštartovaní úspešných spoluprác s ASP Luxury Haircare a Belleco Cosmetics sme sa stali...

Belleco Cosmetics už aj na Slovensku!

S potešením vám oznamujeme, že sme sa stali výhradným distribútorom brazílskej značky Belleco Cosmetics...